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Being a fatherless child robbed John of his childhood. Fatherless children are one of the greatest tragedies of our time. Under John’s guidance, you can explore your relationship with, or absence of, your father. We can learn how to “father” ourselves.

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John Bradshaw

6 Hour Audiobook Intensive Workshop (1.5 HOUR DVD ALSO AVAILABLE)

Spiritual leader, psychologist, philosopher, counselor, theologian, and teacher, John Bradshaw, is also anEmmy nominated talk show host. John Bradshaw has touched and forever changed millions of lives through his best-selling books, seminars, workshops, and seven widely acclaimed PBS series.  In this intense lecture series WHERE ARE YOU FATHER?

John Bradshaw offers his perspectives on ways to heal the intense emotional trauma and pain of the absence of our fathers that we can carry into our adult relationships. He draws on his own personal painful and life altering experience of being a fatherless child, which resulted in him becoming the “surrogate husband” and robbed him of his childhood. The absentee father is one of the greatest tragedies of our time.

Under John’s guidance, the listener explores their own childhood relationship with (or absence of) their father. Through this revealing lecture series, we learn how to “father” ourselves and find other fathering sources in our lives. John Bradshaw offers hope and concrete ways to help heal the wound of the loss or neglect of a father.

This series, WHERE ARE YOU FATHER? is one of the many live recordings of John Bradshaw, including lectures, seminars, and workshops that are in our extensive library. Over 2,500,000 professionals and laypersons have attended John Bradshaw’s workshops, lectures, and speeches.

John Bradshaw is a well-respected primary figure in the contemporary self-help movement, and was elected by his peers of professional therapists as ‘One of the 100 Most Influential Writers on Emotional Health in the Twentieth Century.’ Many of his books are New York Times Best Sellers. John’s works are published in 42 languages. All over the world, corporations, institutions, treatment centers, prisons, therapists, and counselors use the theories and therapies presented in his workshops.

This lecture, WHERE ARE YOU FATHER? with John Bradshaw is recommended for personal, academic and public libraries and those searching for new ways to have more enriched lives, deal with the emotional trauma and pain of the absentee father, and learn how to embrace ourselves as a “fathering source.”

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