THE PRICE OF NICE—100 Minute Lecture on CD

THE PRICE OF NICE—100 Minute Lecture on CD

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Bradshaw, exposes the hidden 7 destructive forces behind the façade of being the “nice guy, a people pleaser and co-dependent. For people who use “nice” as a disguise to cover shame. Bradshaw uncovers the dishonestly & resentment & how to heal from it.

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1 Hour, 40 Minute Audiobook Lecture on CD

“The price is of nice is about your own life, and not really being connected with others,” says noted New York Times Best Selling Author John Bradshaw. "Nice people often finish last in many ways."

In this powerful lecture, THE PRICE OF NICE, psychologist and Emmy nominated talk show host John Bradshaw, exposes the hidden and frequently destructive forces behind the façade of being the “nice guy”, a people pleaser and co-dependent. This lecture is for people who use “nice” as a disguise to cover shame. John Bradshaw uncovers the dishonestly, selfishness, and resentments that builds as a result. He explains how to heal from co-dependency.

From our earliest years, we learn that we are rewarded with acceptance for being “nice” at the expense of being denied the expression of our true feelings or being who we really are. Ultimately, we become the actor in a role of being the nice guy or sweetheart. John Bradshaw explains how such behavior can destroy relationships and intimacy by never being honestly connected with others. It creates an intimacy vacuum where the victim is the nice person

In its ultimate destructive form, it erupts into rage or spontaneous acts of violence or it can be internalized in the form of emotional or physical illness. John Bradshaw offers practical insights into how we can learn to be kind but firmly direct about how we feel and find that place in our lives where we can be who we are. This series provides excellent resources and will help the listener understand how toxic, and potentially dangerous, a person who is, on most levels, “too nice,” can be. Ministers, counselors, therapists and anyone in helping professions could gain much understanding from the material found in this series. The problem with being overly nice is that it is a mask for stored internal rage and it is at the same time rage producing.

This audiobook/lecture, THE PRICE OF NICE with John Bradshaw, is recommended for personal, academic and public libraries and those searching for insight and ways to heal from co-dependency People who bought this series THE PRICE OF NICE with John Bradshaw also bought   RELIGIOUS ADDICTIONFINISHING YOUR BUSINESS WITH YOUR MOTHER and SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF YOUR CHILDHOOD PAIN.