BRADSHAW ON: HOMECOMING - Reclaiming & Championing Your Inner Child - PBS - 10 Hour Inner Child Workshop CD or DVD

BRADSHAW ON: HOMECOMING - Reclaiming & Championing Your Inner Child - PBS - 10 Hour Inner Child Workshop CD or DVD

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Take the journey that awakens the potential of our deepest selves.One of John's most enduring and exhilarating 10 hour intensive workshops with lectures, meditations & experiential exercises leads us on a journey to discover our much adored 'inner child.'

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Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child


“Three things are striking about inner child work,” says John Bradshaw, “the speed with which people change when they do this work, the depth of the change and the power and creativity that result when the wounds from the past are healed.”

Nowhere has famed New York Times Bestselling Author and talk show host John Bradshaw’s influence been felt more profoundly than in the area of family systems where he touched millions of lives through his bestselling books, widely acclaimed PBS television series and packed lectures and workshops.  Now in this landmark Emmy nominated ten hour intensive workshop for PBS, HOMECOMING-Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child, produced by San Francisco’s KQED, John Bradshaw presents new and powerful insights into how we reclaim our “wounded” inner child, and take the journey that awakens the potential of our deepest selves.  If our vulnerable child was neglected, abandoned, shamed or abused that child’s pain, grief and anger live within us.  You may not even know why you continue to do things or be with people who make you unhappy.


Part One: The Problem Of The Wounded Inner Child – How A Dysfunctional Family System Creates A “Wounded” Inner Child


 Part Two: Original Pain – Original Pain Work And The Positive Results Of Reconnecting With Early Emotional Pain And The Fear Of Abandonment


 Part Three: Reclaiming Your Infant Self – How Unfulfilled Infancy Needs Can Effect Adult Life


Part Four: Reclaiming Your Toddler Self – The Ways In Which Toddler Needs Are Often Violated


Part Five: Reclaiming Your Pre-School Self – How The Sense Of Purpose Developed At This Stage May Get Misshaped By Rigid Family Systems


 Part Six: Reclaiming Your School-Age Self – Moving Towards Competency, Industry And A Conscious Identity


 Part Seven: Championing: New Permissions – Ten Ways To Increase Enjoyment Of Life, And Instructions On How To “Give Yourself A New Childhood”


 Part Eight: Championing: Protection And Practice – Supplying Unmet Childhood Needs By Choosing A New “Family Of Choice” And Finding A Loving “Higher Power”


 Part Nine: The Wonder Child – The Emergence Of The “Wonder Child,” The Authentic Natural Self Who Reclaims And Champions The Inner Child


 Part Ten: The Inner Child Regeneration – Spiritual Aspect

Taped before a live audience HOMECOMING-Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child, John Bradshaw combines lectures, meditations, visualizations and experiential exercises from his Inner Child Workshops that powerfully, and often painfully demonstrate how reconnecting with you inner child through original pain work can be the source of hope, fulfillment and regeneration.  Therapists and psychiatrists around the world are using John Bradshaw’s transformative therapeutic methods.  John Bradshaw’s inner child therapeutic theory is embraced and has enriched and changed the lives of millions of people worldwide.

This groundbreaking intensive workshop, HOMECOMING-Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child is recommended for personal, academic and public libraries and those searching for a way to leave the past behind through compassion and forgiveness and find happiness within.

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