Family Secrets - The Path to Self Acceptance and Reunion

Family Secrets - The Path to Self Acceptance and Reunion

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WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW CAN HURT YOU~but it can also lead to SELF-ACCEPTANCE & HEALING. FAMILY SECRETS gives you the tools you need to understand your family and yourself in an entirely new way. Heal your family secrets or pass them on to your children.

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All families have secrets. Some secrets are healthy. But others--those John Bradshaw calls “dark secrets”--limit the wholeness and freedom of every member of the family, often generation after generation.

John Bradshaw’s compelling book, FAMILY SECRETS-The Path from Shame To Healing, takes us into the heart of the family’s mysterious power to impact our lives. It explores how secrets are created, how they influence us (even if we don’t know they exist), and the risks we take in exploring them. At the core of Family Secrets is a step-by-step guide to uncovering the secrets of the past and present, using a tool called the genogram to chart key relationships. Through many fascinating examples, this unique book shows how to recognize crucial gaps and silences, reconstruct missing information, and decipher partial memories. It also offers readers vital advice on how to deal with the truths revealed, plus ways to stay safely and honestly connected with our families.

Now join John Bradshaw on an exciting journey of discovery, which starts with your life today and takes you back through the conflicts, the strengths, and the weaknesses of your parent's generation--even your grandparents.  Using a powerful technique for exploring your 'family tree' you'll trace the visible and invisible patterns that have influenced you and contaminate your adult life.  You will learn about secrets that are healthy and necessary, and also about the secrets that can limit your wholeness and freedom--even if you don’t know they exist.

This work is sometimes painful, but it is always enlightening--filled with the kind of "aha" moments and realizations that make everything fall into place.  With John Bradshaw's guidance, you will come to a new appreciation and acceptance of yourself.  You will also be able to build more open, honest, and loving relationships with people in every part of your life and those who matter most.

Take the TIME to take an honest look at who you really are.

This book, FAMILY SECRETS  is recommended for public, academic, private, and professional libraries and for those searching for a better understanding of what contaminates their relationships and life and who want to learn how to heal the past, leaving you “free to be me.”

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