John Bradshaw’s newest workshops include current research on the brain. John’s teaches his understanding of the links between the mechanisms of the brain that underlie addiction, emotion, and mood.  He presents some of the latest neuroscientific works on human behavior, addictions, and mental health in his workshop on The Neuroscience of Inner Child Therapy: Why It Is So Effective and Ways To Do It Well.

John also explores The Primacy and Neuroscience of the "Affect System”.  In understanding Silvan Tompkins’ Theory of the “affect system,” John explains the neuroscientific development that underlies the right/affective brain.  This is the part of the brain that controls anxiety, distress, and the management of our feelings.   John suggests some clinical implications for professionals dealing with mental health and/or substance abuse.

He is currently presenting material on Developing Emotional and Social Literacy detailing the developmental stages of emotional and social intelligence.  In this lecture series John introduces techniques for teaching social and emotional literacy and why it is necessary for us to thrive in our love life, family, and workplace.

Also among John’s newer works are: Speaking the Truth in Love: Uncovering Blocks to Rigorous Honesty and Creating Strong Healthy Families. John focuses on techniques to uncover blocks to "rigorous honesty," based on the premise that dishonesty often comes from disowned and disliked parts of the self that are repressed and unconscious.  Dishonesty and distortion result from these unresolved wounds, as do defenses that cloud awareness and distort the ways individuals see and communicate with others.  John also discusses ways to raise one's awareness in communicating honestly with others. The more individuals can love themselves unconditionally, the more they can love others and engage in Creating Strong Healthy Families.  In this workshop series, John teaches:
    •  Learning the stages of a healthy marriage 
    •  Discovering the secret of all successful marriages 
    •  Allowing children to be children 
      Learning alternative styles of discipline
    •  Exploring six different parenting skills
    •  Exercises on boundary creation 
    •  Developing emotional intelligence
    •  Mirroring validating skills 
    •  Conflict resolution skills 
    •  Envisioning your part in creating a loving family life
In his workshop series Creating Strong Healthy Families, John uses the work of brilliant historian Stephanie Koonz on “deep democracy” to explore the myth of the traditional American family.  John shows us how families have always adapted to the economic circumstances in which they had to survive.  Since the end of World War II, several human rights movements have paved the way for "deep democracy," which is more directly participatory and demands absolute equality and freedom for all human beings. This new social environment has created a context where old-fashioned "virtue" is the condition of success, and through this concept of “deep democracy,” John describes a new understanding of a fully-functioning marriage and focuses on raising morally virtuous children for the future.

Over 2.5 million people have attended John’s presentations.  John continues to present workshops on many topics throughout the world, training therapists, psychologists, educators, corporate leaders, and laypersons.

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